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Emission of light: The most common form of communication on the planet

Bioluminescence is the production and emssion of light by a living organism. For this research project, I focused on creating experimental imagemaking visualizing the emission of light underwater and the various use forms of light emitting organisms.

Lure & Warn
Two posters are created as diptych sets exploring emission of light used for attraction vs. warning.

Humans primarily see bioluminescence triggered by a physical disturbance, such as waves or a moving boat hull, that gets the animal to show their light off, but often animals light up in response to an attack or in order to attract a mate.  

Created with MaxMSPJitter
Experimental apporach of generating image + color and creating textures using frequencies of sound frequencies of samples of SOPHIE’s hyperkinetic music using MaxMSPJitter.

Created with Cinema4D
This project was my very first time designing with 3D software. Lots of experiments and big learning explorations.

Created with mixed media

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